SEA MASTER started off with mere providing ship spares to its client.

Later it expanded its activities to Bridge Equipment repairs for Radars & navigation equipments and workshop repairs to Machinery Spares. On understanding with well renowned Workshops having international reputation, spares are carefully tested and repaired as needed.

Now, SEA MASTER has expanded its activities still further this year by offering stevedores services and supplies to ships coming to berth in the UAE port.

As communcation and information is the key to the fast moving businesses today, our immediate replies to queries & 24 hours accessability and information provided for Ships coming to UAE ports has benefited our customers profoundly .


As the Asian market continues its boom with almost all sectors taking a pitch to have their share of the growth, the Shipping Companies are looking head on to increase its presence in this region to connect major ports of the world to the Fast moving economies of the East.

Thus SEA MASTER, keeping in view the above and in a bid to further expand its services to give complete satisfaction and a one stop service, hopes to include still more services to its list in the coming years and also plans to set up offices abroad so as to be able to extend its reach to other ports in and around Asia & Europe as well.